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Time For A New Blog....


Hi, friends! I hope you're all enjoying some great fall weather. It's absolutely gorgeous in Texas today where I'm at!

So, I've been thinking for awhile about creating a new blog. One that reflects who I am, and reflects the goals I have. I wanted something a little more professional looking; something with more options from a business standpoint, and found after researching, that my best option was to switch to Wordpress. 

I've created a new name for the blog and it correlates with my new Etsy store, Instagram, and anything that may come in the future will have this name. Hubby and I have something in mind that we may pursue in the not-too-distant future. I will miss my little "A Couple of Pounds" blog, but in reality, it didn't brand me with a home decor/lifestyle blog, but sounded more like a weight-loss blog. I'm excited about my new blog and this fresh start. This month marks the 9th anniversary of blogging for me! (WOW!) What started as a little online "journal" (imkassie.blogspot.com) to document my day-to-day life has evolved into something different, and has me with goals in mind. I cringed as I was importing all of my posts into Wordpress. Some of the posts I wrote were so ridiculous and silly. But back then, the only people reading it were friends and family. I have saved all of those posts because I'm sentimental and love to see how far I've come, but they are no longer available for the public to read. 

I hesitated for the longest to take this step because it means starting over and gaining followers and readers all over again. I hope those of you that read this blog will continue reading along. Click here to be directed to my new blog - Ellis Jean Design Co. 

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