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3 Things I Love about the One Kings Lane Website

I was asked recently to write a review highlighting the One Kings Lane website. 
I've told you a little before about One Kings Lane. If you are unfamiliar with them, they are a website that offers flash sales daily, specializing in high-end furniture, decor, etc., at a discounted price. A few things that set them apart from the other "flash-sale" websites, is how theirs is set up, and the information and inspiration they offer the customer. 

Here's my love list:

 For instance, one of today's sales is on sheepskin and hide rugs. I know if I'm not looking for a rug, I don't have to look through all the rugs to find the one item I am looking for. But if I'm looking for a console table (which I happen to be), I see that there's a sale going on under that specific category and I know to look there. 

You find things here you don't see everywhere else. 
Check out this European vintage wooden toy set:

Or, how about this "Dress my Cupcake" bundle?
This includes everything you need to make your cupcakes look darling!

The One Kings Lane blog (linked from the home page) offers a lot of inspiration, but my favorite is the house tours. And what I really love, is they add shopping links to shop the rooms from the tours. The worst thing is finding a photo of a room that has exactly what you want, but you can't find the item, or you have to hunt for hours to find it! 
Isn't this dining room AH-MAZING from this tour?! I love it...

And how incredible that the links are provided for the items/very similar items, and you could re-create this look in your own home! 

My only problem with this website, is that I find I seriously need more pondering time and money. ;-) Head on over and be inspired. 

til the next time,

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