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I'll Have a (red, white and) Blue Monday


Today's Blue Monday post is all about feeling festive for the 4th of July! Whether you've got a big family get-together, or just relaxing for the day, there's nothing like celebrating our freedom! 

I love this little set-up on this aqua table. 

I love a good front porch! Love this one with it's painted ceiling and floor. 

I don't think there's anything more American than a quaint cottage with a white picket fence and flag waving at the door. 

Check out this wedding decor! LOVE! 

And who wouldn't want some festive cookies to add to the enormous amounts of food that is consumed on the 4th?

I love this festive display! 

Cute little banner made out of paint chips! I'd like to have a few of these old chairs too, for my backyard. 

And last, what a perfect place this would be on the 4th! Wouldn't fireworks over that water be gorgeous? 
 source unknown 

I hope your Monday has been anything but blue. I'll be back tomorrow with a free printable for your 4th of July decor! 

til then, 

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