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Laundry Room Progress & A Sink


We are slowly but surely getting our laundry room the way we want it. We started working on it almost a year ago…yikes! I shared all about it in this post here. We ran into a problem when Hubby realized he couldn't get over to that part of the house underneath the house in order to move plumbing around. We were planning to have another crawl space cut into this side of the house, but he finally just decided to cut a hole in the floor. And oh the joys of renovating….we've had a few minor setbacks. :) 

But now, the old water heater is gone, the new one is in a different spot in the room, plumbing is in place and it's all good. This last couple of weeks, Hubby spent more than a few hours cutting an additional hole in the floor for access later, putting in new electric plugs, hanging sheetrock and texturing some of the walls. 

 This room is still a nightmare, but I promise this is progress!! The old water heater was in a closet where the vacuum and laundry basket is in this picture. 

There's the new water heater…there will be a closet around it and the washer and dryer will be next to it where those two outlets are. 

It looks like a dump, but I do actually do laundry in here! 

And because this post needs some inspiration, here's what we are working on to use as a utility sink in the new space. It's sitting in my dining room right now….from the looks of things, it may be there a while. 

And there you have the first-in-a-long-time house update! 

til the next time,

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