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I'll Have a Blue Monday!


I know part of the country is still covered in snow, but where I'm at, the last week or so has been very warm and the trees are blooming. It kinda puts me in the mood to take a trip somewhere. So why not let this Blue Monday be all about "blue" modes of travel? 

I can just see myself with a straw hat, tee, and a twirly skirt riding through the countryside on this bicycle. OR not. But it's a pretty thought, right? And a pretty bicycle. :)

Or how about an adventure in Venice, Italy in one of these blue boats? Having been there myself, I can say that it really is as beautiful there as the picture! 

Now THIS is what I can see myself going around the countryside in! 

I think these Vespa's are pretty cute, but I feel sure I'd get hit by a car and die if I actually rode one!

So how about you? Are you ready to hit the road for a getaway? 

til the next time,

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