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I'll Have a Blue Monday!


Time for another Blue Monday! 

I've got a thing lately for Mid-Century design (and no, not just since Joanna Gaines last design). Ha! 
But I like it mixed with new and old. Total Mid-Century is a little stark for me, and some is too retro. 

Of course, there are some exceptions. I'm loving this whole living room, especially that turquoise sofa!

And this is next on my list… I have a whole stack of records in our attic and don't have any way to play them. I looked at these this weekend and swooned.

I love the turquoise wall color and art used as a headboard. Those two tables pushed together to form a bench is genius, too. Now those drums...I'm quirky, but not drums-as-nightstands-quirky. 

I absolutely love this whole room. So pretty. How about that chair and the piping on the ottoman/coffee table?

Well, what do you think? Have you jumped on the mid-century wagon?

til the next time,

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