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Daylin Skye Designs


Have you heard of Daylin Skye? If not, you should really click over and check out the website here.
Amber, the brains and talent behind Daylin Skye Designs, is an old college friend of mine. She makes beautiful handbags, clutches, pouches, etc., that are all handcrafted in California, vegan friendly, earth conscious and cruelty-free. These bags are high-quality vegan leather, and Amber can even make you something special at your request. I got the fun opportunity the past few days of sharing some peeks at her new spring line on Facebook and Instagram. I thought I'd catch you up here and let you see some of the bags. 

This little beauty is Daylin Skye's signature bag. I loved this one because it can be carried at the wrist, or on the shoulder, or even as a cross-body. 

 These are all the bags I got to try out! Isn't she talented?!

 I decided to take that red gem out for a little fun photo shoot. And guess what? Hubs took these pictures! He may have a future in photography…. ha! ;-)

It was a little chilly…uh…it was FREEZING outside, but that setting sun was fantastic! 

 Anyone want that red bag now?? You're welcome. 

Here's a cute pouch I haven't seen in person, but isn't it adorable?

Head over to the Daylin Skye website and buy yourself something cute! 

til the next time,

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