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Christmas Around the House ~ 2014


Every year it seems I can't get my Christmas decorating done until the last minute - and this year is no exception. Does anyone else feel like this has been the shortest December ever? Mine's been especially busy….I started the month with a trip to NYC (maybe more on that later), my dear Father-in-Law passed away while I was gone, and we had our annual Christmas concert at church that I head up - and ALL of this was in the same week. It couldn't have gotten anymore chaotic. Anyway, I finished decorating this week just in time to host part of a progressive dinner, AND to link up to some awesome house tour parties. If you are new here, thanks  for stopping by!

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First up, the outside. As always, I have to defend our ugly yard. We are in a severe drought and everything is dead or has been removed because it died. Don't judge. HA! And yes, we still have a gutter leaning against the house, waiting to be moved since we added shutters. Life is real here, y'all. 

Uh…yeah…those dead ones haven't been removed. :) But I had to show an up close picture of my dad's old bicycle. Isn't it great?! 

When you step inside, this is the view of our living room.

I was lacking inspiration this year, but finally got started when it hit me at midnight one night for the mantel. I really like the way it turned out this year. 

I had plans to use my Cameo Silhouette to cut a template for my chalkboard, but for some reason I cannot get the silly thing to work lately. Anyone else having that problem? 

My splurge this year was these fantastic Anthro stockings! 

So far, I've only had time for making these gold burst thingies. Do they have a name? I just hot glued some cake pop sticks together and spray painted them glossy gold. 

I love reflections of twinkling lights….

I love my nativity set, but it's hard to get a good picture since it sits up high. 

No pretty presents under our tree yet. But I have a feeling if there was, two two-year-olds would quickly have them unwrapped! 

Moving on to the dining room…

Do any of you ladies recognize that blanket scarf there on the table? It's only the most famous scarf in blogland this year! And I didn't pay the $40 price…I got it for $12 on eBay. Straight from China. We had a party this week and the table looked bare. I thought fast about 10 minutes before guests began to arrive and dug this out of my closet. I did make sure it was clean first. :)

This piano is always hard to decorate for some reason, and I'm loving the way it turned out. 

Hubby hates this piano and says he's going to tear it up and carry it out the back door and use the scraps for something else. It's too heavy to move...

A few shots from the kitchen.

That's not dust you see…it's glitter. It's everywhere. Much to Hubby's dismay.

I finally did something else to this chalkboard, since it's been the same since February for Valentine's Day! All I did was rearrange the pictures….

The last stop is the bathroom. Y'all, these pictures are awful. This room doesn't get much natural light and all of our days have been overcast lately. I had to turn the lights on, which made the walls look weird, instead of the pretty mint green they are. 

And that concludes my Christmas House for this year! Hope you've enjoyed it. 

til the next time,

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