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Chair Crush / One Kings Lane


Recently, I was contacted by One Kings Lane asking me to tell you what my "chair crush" is.  First of all, if you aren't familiar with One Kings Lane, they are a website that offers flash sales that change daily. Check them out..they've got a lot more than chairs to crush on! 

If you've seen my "Blue Monday" posts, then you know my favorite color happens to be blue…more specifically aqua or turquoise. One Kings Lane has these incredible chairs right now that I would LOOOOOVE to own! I think they'd be great alongside my yellow sofa! I've got to deal with brown leather for now since Hubby and I had to compromise (although we went with a style I could live with). Maybe for the bedroom??? ;-)

1. The "Kira Chair"
2. The "Laura Modern Linen Chair"
3. The "Winston Velvet Armchair"
4. The "Churchill Velvet Tufted Club Chair"

Looks like 3 out of 4 give a nod to mid-century design. I think my tastes might be changing! :) 

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