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Fall Around the House


Oh boy, this blog has suffered lately. Can we say busy?? I finally had a chance to put out a few (and I do mean few) fall decorations. Fall is my second favorite time of the year (Christmas coming in at first), so I like to put out a few things to be festive. I don't get quite as festive with it as Christmas, though. 

I added a few mums and pumpkins on the porch as I always do. Our drought here in Texas is so bad that we are not allowed to water AT ALL, unless you have a source such as a water well. We haven't bought anything to catch rain and store it, but we have buckets lined up in the backyard (redneck, I know) that catches what little rainwater we get. That's what we use to water our flowers. Hopefully, when we get our laundry room done, we will be able to use greywater for watering the yard. Anyway, back to my decor… :)

Please excuse the leaning gutter! There's always a work in progress around here! 

On to the inside, where I kept it very simple. (Nevermind the yellow-tinged photos. I forgot to turn the lamps off!)

Have you tried the fall candles at Bath & Body Works?? I don't normally buy them because I use Scentsy, but I walked by the store in the mall the other day and it smelled like a bakery! I had to go in and buy some!

Moving to the dining room…I finally found some curtains I really like and switched these out. Thank you, West Elm!

I normally have a chalkboard on the piano. I took it down to write something "fall-ish" on it and when I laid it down on the table, I had this idea….It's now my table runner.

I decided not to set the table this time. I kind of like the sparse look of it right now.

Well, that's it for my fall decor.
Happy Fall, Y'all, and Happy Halloween!!

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