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My CD Released on iTunes!


Those of you who have followed my blog for awhile probably know that I am a singer and a choir director. I love music. There's not a day in my life that doesn't go by without some singing or listening to recorded music. About 14 years ago, I made a Christian/Gospel cd when I was just a kid, fresh out of Bible College. I tried a few years ago to get it on iTunes, but I needed at least 5 physical cd's to send in and I no longer had even 5 left! About a month ago, I decided to check on the requirements, figuring things had changed with technology, and they had! I had to go through lots of online "paperwork" and it took about 2 weeks to get everything straight….THEN I had to wait for it to be released. You can find it on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, etc. The title is "If You Owned the World" and I penned 4 of the songs: "If You Owned the World", "Extraordinary Love", "He Never Gave up on Me", and "Call on Him". 

Obviously, over the years, my style has changed and my voice most likely has, too. The voice matures just as the rest of us does! I'd love to make a new Praise and Worship album, but it takes A LOT of money. I talked with a studio in Nashville about 8 years ago and then, it was going to cost about $30,000. We all know everything goes up with time, so it may cost more now. I'm really trying to focus on writing some new stuff and maybe….just maybe…saving enough to at least get a start on a new project. We'll see. But any track you buy will help! :) 

So, if this is your sort of thing, check it out. My favorite tracks are "If You Owned the World", "Extraordinary Love", "Child's Prayer" and "First to Say".  

Click HERE for the link to iTunes. 
(It's listed under Kassie Dutton because my info had to exactly match the info on my cd cover)

til the next time,

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