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Harrison & Lyla's Nursery on Wal-mart.com!


It's getting late on Saturday night and I'm finally sitting down with a cup of hot chocolate (yes, I'm ready for fall), relaxing for a few minutes before bed. This has been a crazy day making last minute preparations for vacation. Woo-hoo!! 

So, I'm really just checking in to tell you, that a couple of months ago I was contacted by Walmart.com wanting to know if they could share the twins nursery on their website, promoting different ideas for baby furniture they sell. We got our cribs at Walmart.com, and as most of you have seen (if you have followed my blog long), painted them turquoise. Walmart.com had the best deal on the Jenny Lind cribs I wanted and we love the way they turned out. Apparently a lot of you out there like the turquoise cribs, too, as it's one of my top pinned pictures on Pinterest. THANK YOU!! :) Anyway, our nursery is being featured for the month of August on the nursery furniture page. You can go HERE to see it. It's the 2nd rotating picture at the top of the page. 

We've made a few changes since the picture on their website. This is how it currently looks. We have a cute trash can now, a throw on the glider, and of course, the painted striped curtains we just hung. The ivory rug was changed out only a few months in (haha) for a big red shag rug. However, shag doesn't work well with baby puke. Everyone hear me on that!! Don't do it! Hopefully, a professional cleaner can get it out and the rug will go back on the floor. :-) 

And just for fun, here's where we started with the room and cribs before painting.

A big THANK YOU to Amy Dragoo with Walmart.com who found me and thought this was worth sharing. :) 

til the next time,

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