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S'Wonderful Chocolate Chip Cookies with Cheesecake Instant Pudding Mix!


I've had the itch to bake lately, probably because I was doing the Whole30 eating plan (more on that later, hopefully) and since there's absolutely NO sweets on the plan, that pretty much left baking out of the question. Yesterday was one of those lazy afternoons where I should've been doing a million other things, but a storm moved in, it cooled off outside and I just decided to bake some cookies. Chocolate chip cookies are probably my most favorite EVER, but I made some and changed up my recipe and I think they turned out absolutely wonderful! Even Hubby, who isn't big on chocolate chip cookies, thought these were pretty great.

I added in some peanut butter chips on a few of them, because there's no better combo than chocolate and peanut butter, right? 

I had a little help finishing off that milk. :) 

I used a regular chocolate chip recipe (this time from the back of my Nestle Toll House chocolate chip bag), and added 2 boxes of Jello brand Cheesecake instant pudding mix to the dry ingredients. 

If you would like a printable recipe, click here for my take on these cookies!

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*"Hey, Y'all" print by Stephanie Creekmur. Polka Dot cake stand by Rosanna. 

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