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Pie Pops & Twin Pics!


For the 4th of July, I got the crazy notion to make fried pies, or pie's on a stick. When I looked it up to see if it was even doable (for pie's on a stick), I found a couple of tutorials on Pinterest. So, I went for it.  They turned out to be easy, but a little time consuming. However, their cuteness made up for the time spent. :) I decided to make apple and chocolate. Items I used:

Pre-Made Pie Crust Rolls (in the biscuit aisle at the grocery store)
Cake Pop Sticks (Target)
Canned Apple Pie Filling
Homemade Chocolate Pie Filling (cut this recipe in half)
Wax Paper
Juice Glass
Rolling Pin
Pastry Brush

First, roll all of your pie crust out, very thin. Then, cut circles with the top side of your juice glass. 

Next, spoon your filling onto one piece of crust, add the pop stick. 

Brush egg onto edges of crust (so crust will stick together), then add top crust. Go around edges with the fork (as pictured above…my photos got off). :) 

Bake at 400 for about 13 minutes, flip over and bake for a few more, just watching until they're as dark as you want them. Here's how mine turned out….they got great reviews at our family cookout! I think next time, I'll try to add more filling. Not sure how to do it, though, without all the filling squishing out. Guess I'll have to experiment. 

These would be great for any party! 

And just for fun, here's a few pics of the kiddos. It's a job trying to get them both to look at the camera and smile at the same time. They're smart enough now to know I'm trying to take pictures, so they purposely look away. And Mr Harrison didn't want to let go of the cookie cup. Attitudes already. ;) 

Still a ham for the camera (when he wants to be)!

A family member snapped this one on his phone. I love it! He totally captured Miss Lyla! She's very contemplative and she studies people. But when she warms up to you, she's sweet as can be. 

And that's all for now….Lots of new things I'm working on for the house, so hopefully some crafting/house decor posts soon!

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