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That Time I Made Macaron's (Not to be Confused with Macaroon's)


Did you know there's Macaroon's and then there's Macaron's? I didn't know the difference until about a year ago when I started researching the best way to try to make them. You can read a great detailed description of both and their histories here. I'm not going to go into all the details since so many other people out there have covered it nicely. :) 

I think the one cookie from the two named above that has everyone obsessing lately is the Macaron. Beautiful little delicate French cookies that melt in your mouth. You can make them in any color, any flavor! 
Source Unknown
You can decorate them….
Source Unknown
Embellish a cake with them…
Have them with coffee..
Source Unknown
Aren't they pretty? I plan to get some of these from LaDuree come December when I'm in NYC. :)
So, last summer, I thought I'd try my hand at making them for my BFF's birthday. Neither of us had ever had one at all (shameful, I know, especially since I've been to Paris!!!!), and even though I'd read about how difficult they are to make, I thought SURELY they couldn't be TOO hard. Weeellll, they are. They were so time consuming and you have to get everything just right. And even after all of my research and following directions just "so", mine would be considered a flop, I think. They tasted really good….just weren't the prettiest Macaron's you've ever seen. Are you ready for a picture of mine?? Now really, I could've made mine look pretty…MAYBE…and I did buy a LaDuree box to put them in as part of the gift but realize I must not have gotten a picture! So, here's mine. Please control your laughing. 

Like I said, they tasted great…And I was SO proud of myself. :) I think I'm ready to take these little cookies on again….I'll let you know how THAT turns out! 

til the next time,
the girl who really wants a macaron and lives nowhere near anyplace that makes them

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