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Small-Space Laundry Rooms


As promised, I'm sharing small-space laundry rooms today. I've run across several small rooms, but they're pretty and functional. Who says you can't have both?

Love this cheerful yellow room. I originally wanted front loaders with a counter similar to this one on top of them. Now, I've heard so many bad things about front loaders, I'm not sure! 
Source Unknown

This one is pretty and traditional. Loving that sink!

I absolutely LOVE the industrial feel in this one! I'm trying to decide between this color washer/dryer or white. I did want red, but changed my mind. If I tire of red, that would be an expensive change! 
Source Unknown

Even if you just have a  closet, you can make it functional and still look nice!

I'm loving this one too! Very quirky and eclectic. I love that rug! 

Love the old step stool and the floor in this one! 

I really can't wait to get ours finished and show you how it all turns out! 

til the next time,
the girl that dreads laundry (even if it IS a pretty room)

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