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Laundry Room Before and a Question!


The laundry room is the last part of our renovation to do before the existing house will be finished. We still plan to add a master bath and closet, and hopefully a staircase to the attic. When we bought our house, the stacked washer and dryer came with the house and were in the end of the kitchen, covering a window. We took out a breakfast nook on the other end of the kitchen (separated by a wall) that we really didn't need, so we could lengthen the kitchen in that direction, and add a wall on the end where the washer and dryer was to make a small laundry room without losing kitchen space.

Here's the view to the laundry room now. Excuse the blurry picture and all the junk. Everything was moved out of the laundry room to the kitchen counters while Hubby was working. (No, this is not my kitchen reveal) :) 

This is the laundry room. 

Needless to say, 3 years doing laundry in a room similar to this is enough!! 

We've picked out tile and are trying to decide on a washer and dryer. Any recommendations for good front loaders? We've read some bad reviews on the LG's. Hubby had a brand new set of front loaders when we got married, but they were electric and wouldn't work in this house so we sold them. :( 

I'll share some pictures of some cute small space laundry rooms later! 

til the next time,

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