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Old Fashioned Chicken & Dumplings Recipe


Well, it's snowing as I write and very cold. For me, the cold calls for comfort food. One of my favs is chicken and dumplings. I've had a few people ask me for my recipe lately, so thought I'd share here. My mom taught me to make them and now, I don't remember if this is exactly what she does or if it's my "tweaked" version. I tend to tweak everything! It's not hard to make and surely not fancy, but boy is it yummy! 

You'll need:

Chicken (I usually use 3 chicken breasts or 6 chicken legs - depending on whether I want white or dark meat - for 2 adults and 2 babies)
Biscuits (canned or homemade - If I'm doing canned, it's normally 2 or 3 cans) 

First, boil your cut up chicken in water. When the chicken is cooked, I normally dump some of the water, and leave enough for flavor and to cover the chicken. Next, I add milk. I don't use any measurements, it's all just kinda guess as you go. :) Add salt and pepper (I like a lot) and let it come to a boil, watching and stirring as needed so it doesn't stick and burn. When it boils, add your biscuits. Let the biscuits cook. They will puff up at first, and then shrink down when they are done. After you know your biscuits are done, you may want to season some more to taste. That's pretty much it! You may want more or less water and/or milk depending on how juicy you want your dumplings. Hubby likes them thick, so I don't use as much milk as I used to. 

 Here's a horrible phone pic of the last pot I made a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, that time when one can of biscuits exploded in my face and was in my hair, my scarf, on my clothes, all over the kitchen walls and floor, clear across the room. Yeah, that time. :)


til the next time, 
the girl that's wondering what's for dinner tonight


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