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Top 10 on Pinterest from my Blog


So, when I'm bored...which is RARE these days, I'll do silly, time wasting nonsense like checking to see which of my pins have been pinned the most on Pinterest. Do you do this? 

As of today, my #1 top pin is this:

Nothing special from a photography viewpoint, but people seem to love these turquoise cribs. :) 

In at #2:

This was part of my Christmas decor about 3 Christmases ago. 

Next, at #3 is this:

This was decor that same Christmas. I use some of this same stuff, just changed it up a little this year. 


Our Gender Reveal for "Baby B". :) 


This was birthday decor at the twins first birthday last September.  


The fall coffee filter wreath that turned out so much better than I expected. It was put away just before Christmas after it's 3rd season.


More decor from the twins party. My hand painted letters, popcorn lollipop jars and Instagram print banner. 

In at #8:

Summer coffee table decor with my favorites: Peonies and Hydrangeas. 


More from our gender reveal

And last, at #10:

More nursery decor....and this makes me happy because they are definitely my little loves. :) 

If you have pinned from my blog, or repinned on Pinterest, THANK YOU. It's a community like those on Pinterest who bring life to creativity. It's great to inspire and to be inspired. Most of my traffic on my blog comes from Pinterest and Facebook. I'm always curious, too, to see what  labels others put on my pictures as well. The nursery has been described as cheerful, serene, and having a subtle circus theme. 

So, do you stalk your own pictures on Pinterest? I'm sure you do.... :) 

til the next time,
enjoying my renewed love for pinning


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