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Help From Mom's Out There!


Harrison and Lyla went off of formula when they were around 10-11 months old. We started milk per doctor's instructions. They've done just fine until about 3 weeks ago when they BOTH started puking from time to time after having milk. My mom thought maybe they're lactose intolerant like myself. So, we have tried lactose free milk this week. We thought that did the trick, but last night, Lyla puked all over her bed. It was in her eyes, her hair...BLECH! Randy and I were talking about it and we realized MOST of the time (earlier they ran fever and had a little virus), it's after we put them to bed at night when this happens. During the day, we give them milk at bedtime and they do just fine. Randy suggested maybe it's an anxiety thing? The room is dark, they know they're down for the night.... We don't have trouble with them fighting sleep too much and we haven't had this problem until recently. Any suggestions or thoughts? I'm tired of cleaning up puke and washing sheets every night! 

And since every post has to have a picture, here's a cute one of the little pukers from last weekend. They were watching Veggie Tales early Saturday morning. They never sit and watch anything; usually it's just stopping to dance to the music, then back to whatever they are doing. This was so sweet. 
(Excuse the inside of our media cabinet! I painted the outside, and have never gotten around to the inside!) :-)

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