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There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays! {Christmas Home Tour - 2013}


Y'all, I actually have my house decorated AND it's clean at the same time and it's not Christmas Eve yet! :) I'm making it in time to post my house tour and link up to a couple of parties featuring other house tours and Christmas decor. I'll be linking up at The NesterStone GableSavvy Southern Style,  Evolution of Style, and French Country Cottage.

We'll start at the front door....I actually didn't take any great pictures of the outside yet on my good camera, so these first 3 are from Instagram. 

We got an ice storm a couple of weeks ago, so that white stuff is ice, not snow. 

Santa will greet you as you walk up the steps!

My husband's son, Andre (I call him Stepchild, he calls me Stepmomma) :), put our lights up a few nights ago. He does this for us every year! 

So, come on in and see the house!

I'll start in the living room....This is your view when you walk through the door.

And just for fun....Here's a before pic of our living room:

I finally made one of those pretty sheet music wreaths last week!

It's all about Jesus!

Another before pic:

Here's an Instagram night view with a cozy fire in the fireplace.

See those toys at the side...? :) I couldn't move everything out of the way. We live here fo real!

Now on to the dining room....

I've been crafty lately...I made that pom-pom garland. Super easy and cute and the kids love to play with it! Of course, I have one that's completely tangled for that very reason.

Next up is the kitchen. I didn't do too much and I can't show you the whole kitchen because I'm waiting for a big reveal here on the blog after it's completely finished! :)

Ignore the unfinished brick backsplash. Yes, it's real brick and we like it so much, we're thinking of doing the whole wall on that side of the kitchen! Oh - and Hubby built the vent hood cover and made it to match the cabinets all by himself! Isn't he handy? ;)

Last stop will be our bedroom, which I don't think I've ever shown on the blog (except before we moved in). It's not finished, I still have several things in mind, but it's show-able. ;)

Here's a before pic to refresh your memory:

This room is a lot more subdued than the rest of the house. I (think) I like it this way...

Well, that's it for this little tour. I hope you enjoyed it! I certainly enjoyed the decorating!

til the next time,

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