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Our Christmas Family Photo Session - 2013


It seems like trying to get family photos done takes a lot more work than I anticipated. Between finding the right clothes that work together but aren't too "matchy", waiting on certain pieces of clothing to arrive in the mail, setting a session time when the weather decides to behave, getting everyone ready on time when the weather does behave and getting two one-year-olds to cooperate....WHEW! Lots of work! :) 

Let me tell you, I'm a photographer and I've taken several pictures of these little twins of ours and it's NOT EASY. A friend of mine, Rebecca, did this session for us (you can find her here), and she did great with these two running all over the place! Typically, Harrison is the ham for the camera, but it was Lyla this time!

Here's a few of my favorites:
(All photos copyright of R. Cain Photography)

Kissin' twins! They love each other! :)

til the next time,
the mom that wants to wait another year before taking family pics again!

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