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Built-In Bookshelf Makeover


We've been doing quite a few projects around the house lately, one of them was tackling the built-in bookshelf in our hallway. This thing has looked NIGHTMARISH since we moved in this house. Trust me. JUNKY. Embarrassing to admit, but I wanted to paint the back wall of the shelf and we have never gotten around to it, so it just collected books and other things and just looked awful! 

Here's proof:

And see the bottom shelf is empty? Yeah, that's because of two little's who are constantly pulling books off the shelf. 

 Now, here it is today. SIGH....SOOO much better! Hubby painted the back wall (I told him I was about to do it and he got busy). For some reason, he doesn't have much confidence in my painting abilities. :) 

Forgive the horrible picture quality. There's not much light in this little corner and I didn't feel like getting all professional. :)

Now the twins have their books on the bottom two shelves, and I usually pick them all up twice a day. Doesn't it look so much better?!

This pic is just for the tree. :) 

til the next time,
the wife that's looking around for the next thing she's about to paint ;) 

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