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Evy's Tree and Daylin Skye Designs

A couple of long-time (I won't call them old) friends are doing some promotions for their businesses. First off is Amy from Evy's Tree. She designs the cutest hoodies for little girls and women. I recently got this one. It is from her new manufactured line and it is the SOFTEST material ever! 

Check out her promotion going on now!

Next is Amber from Daylin Skye Designs. She designs and makes lovely handbags. I bought a cute little clutch back in the spring and love it. (I know, Amber, I've been supposed to send you a pic of me carrying it for weeks now.) OOPS. :) 

This is her signature bag and it comes in black as well. 

I'm sure both of these girls could use your love with the holidays coming, so get shopping!

Til the next time,

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