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Pictures of the Twins: Dallas Arboretum


Last weekend, we took a family "mini" vacation. We went several places in the Dallas/McKinney, TX area, including the State Fair, Downtown McKinney, The Dallas Arboretum and shopping centers, of course! :)  Our trip to the Arboretum was pretty spontaneous and we were so glad we went. They have  a fall display every year with over 50,000 pumpkins displayed. It is gorgeous! Luckily, I had my good camera with me and was able to get some pictures of the twins playing in the pumpkins (and luckily, I had dressed them decently enough for pictures even though it wasn't planned). It's so hard to get both of them to look at the camera at the same time, or to smile at the same time! And Miss Lyla just wanted to play and wasn't interested at all in looking at the camera. Harrison, as usual, was a ham. 

How's that for picture overload? 

Til the next time,

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