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New Blog Name Ideas and My Fall Mantle


So, I'm thinking of re-naming the ole blog since technically, we are no longer just "a couple of Pounds". I've toyed with some ideas, but can't seem to settle on anything. What do you think? Any ideas? The only thing I can come up with is "Sweet Pounds"(and there's meaning behind the title, but I don't know. That may sound like a food blog??)....... I'd like for it to have something to do with twins, kids, home decor, or a play on the word Pounds, etc. Or should I just leave it?? Decisions, decisions! If I pick your idea I'm thinking of giving a surprise...... :) Ready....set....GO. Thanks.

Oh, and here's my fall mantle, since no post is complete without pictures! :)

til the next time, 

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