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Harrison & Lyla's 1st Birthday Pictures


Last week, Priscilla (my BFF) and I took turns taking pictures of the twins. Randy came along to help keep the situation under control. Ha! We ended up getting a good ole thunderstorm (amazing!) the afternoon we did this, so we had to keep the twins out of the grass. Babies are always rough to take pictures of, but double it, and WHEW! We did manage to get a few good ones, though. 

Here's just a sample! ;)

They've learned in church what to do when you pray and sing, and they will kindly show you how it's done if you say "Hallelujah"! Ha! Little Pentecostals. 

Harrison Really hammed it up for the camera! Lyla's look is a reflection of the word she says most often...."HUH?"

Seriously, isn't this the sweetest? :) It's not as sharp as I'd have liked, but I love the picture anyway. I'm so glad they love each other!

There he goes again......

She really loved the LOVE print. 

Time for cake!

Our beautiful babies....

Til the next time, 

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