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Happy Birthday Harrison and Lyla!


Today, our Little Loves are one year old! I can't believe how the time has flown! There were days when I thought we'd never survive having two littles to care for, but we've survived the first year! 

Harrison and Lyla, you are the light and joy in our lives. You've taught us love goes far beyond what one can ever imagine. There were times through my pregnancy that I thought I wouldn't even get to meet you. It beat the odds that I became pregnant with you, my body tried to miscarry you, you arrived too early, and yet here you are; Our miracles from God. We would have been thankful for one baby, and God gave us two! The past year has been incredible with ups, downs, laughter and tears, but it has all been worth it to have you in our lives. Daddy and I love you so much. We are going to enjoy every minute of watching you grow up and become the little people (and eventually big people) that God intends for you to be. Always keep Him first and everything else in your life will fall into place. Happy 1st Birthday! 

Mommy and Daddy

Here's the best family picture we could get yesterday from their party, but hey, this is us! :) They were worn out from playing and having fun!

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