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Twin Time


I've meant to keep records of all the milestones the twins have accomplished here on the blog, but yeah right. Just posting on the blog is an accomplishment. They are 10.5 months old. They've been behind for a little bit since they were preemie's, but it seems like they've learned to do EVERYTHING in the last month. So for now, here's what's going on with Mr. Harrison.

He has two teeth (since about a month ago,  I think). Took them forever to come through! 
He's got lots of hair now and it sticks straight up. 
He likes to yell and scream like a girl. 
He doesn't like textured foods much. It's hard to get him to even eat mashed potatoes. 
He loves a good smoothie made by Daddy. 
He's not crawling yet, but he scoots backwards everywhere.
He sits up on his own (since a month ago). 
He has a temper and stiffens his arms and clenches his fists when he gets mad! We shouldn't laugh, but it's too cute. 

He's the sweetest little boy!

As for Miss Lyla...

She has two teeth since about a month ago. 
Her hair is finally growing, but not long enough to do anything with. It's good, because I'm kind of dreading having to fix her hair as well as mine. 
She babbles all the time. Her favorite word is "huh?",  and she says "paw-paw", "dada", and "ma-ma". She even called me "ma-ma" yesterday for the first time! :) 
She eats pretty much anything you try to feed her. And she loves a good smoothie, too!
She started crawling 3 weeks ago and she is all over the place. She follows me EVERYWHERE and is into everything! 
She's a momma's girl. She wants me to hold her the majority of the time. I can't/won't always hold her, so we hear a lot of fit throwing. UGH. She definitely has a lot of personality!

She's the sweetest little girl!

They sure do brighten my world! 

Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him. Psalm 127:3

til the next time,

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