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The House is Getting a Makeover!


Today is the day! My hubby is outside painting the bricks. I know I told you earlier he'd been making preparations to paint and he's finally got a day he can do it. I got a couple of pictures last night as he was taping off the last of the windows. He actually painted a little earlier in the week so we could see if we liked the color we chose (what a hard decision!). This is where our master bath will be added on to the house, so we figured if we hated even having paint at all on the bricks, it wouldn't matter here because this wall will be torn out. We liked it!

You can see a little in the background that he painted earlier in the week. 

We also finally got our front screen door painted and the screen replaced with glass. We tried to get a new door altogether, but no one in town seemed to want to mess with building one (you can hardly find arched doors pre made). A couple places had told us they couldn't put glass in the original door, either. Randy decided to try one more place a few weeks ago, and they didn't hesitate to say they could put glass in the existing door (which made us really happy to be able to keep the old door). The door has now been painted and glass installed! We love it! I love how much light it lets in. Here's the door with the screen in it....

And here's the glass door...It needs paint touch ups after the glass was installed. Our new trim color is also around the door.

Well, hubby says I can't go outside to see the brick until later. I can't wait! 
More pictures soon!


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