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Preparing to Paint


This is what has been happening around our house the last few days. I am super nervous! We have finally decided to take the plunge and paint the brick. We've gone back and forth on this since we bought the house looking from a historical point of view. But many of the homes in our area have painted brick and when it comes down to it, we just don't care for the brick we have. BUT, I'm nervous because once it's done, it's done. We've spent many evenings riding around looking for the perfect color. This past weekend, Hubby even painted some samples on cardboard and we drove around comparing brick on houses we like. He even stopped and went up to a couple of houses and asked to compare our cardboard against their bricks! I know people have different opinions about painting brick and believe me, we wouldn't be doing this if we liked our brick to begin with. SO, here goes! 

 Randy priming the trim around the storm windows.

He can do ANYTHING, for real! ;)

He got half the windows on the house (and we have A LOT of windows) taped off and the wind kept blowing the plastic off. The wind has been crazy the past couple of weeks! We definitely can't paint until it's calm. 

We THINK we have decided on a light taupe color.....we'll see.

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