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Easy Peasy Wreath


I made this wreath on a whim last Saturday. Randy was outside working on the house, the twins were playing in their "jumpies" as we call them, and I could have been cleaning, but I felt like crafting. 
I went up to the attic to see what kind of stuff I had and sure enough had everything I needed to make a wreath. I did this one in 25 minutes tops. 

All you need is a wreath, fabric, scissors, fabric glue (or hot gun), twine and embellishments. I bought the felt flowers I used on this earlier in the week, intending to use them for some sort of craft. Yes, I did it the easy way and didn't make my own felt flowers. :) I've got a few wreaths stashed in the attic, and the fabric was left over from my crib skirts. 

I cut the fabric into strips and wrapped around the wreath. 

I glued down the ends of the strips to the wreath. After wrapping the entire wreath in fabric, I had a couple of scraps left. The felt flowers looked a little bare alone after I glued them on, so I decided to fold the leftover strips accordion style and tied twine around the middle to hold them. You could use anything to tie around the middle, but twine is what I had on hand. This is what I came up with.

I then placed these around the felt flowers and glued them down. 

That's it! 
Here's the finished product. Easy peasy. :)

This wreath hasn't made it to the front door yet since our screen door is down for sanding and painting. I'm not loving this as much as my coffee filter wreath, but it'll do! 
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