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Painted Porch Table & Chairs


Posts two days in a row? I must have a fever...

I haven't shown you a house update in a while, so thought it was time....

We have this cute little iron table and chairs with bird and leaf accents that we bought at Ross' while we  were engaged. We just happened to run across it and it fit our wedding decor to a tee. I loved it.....but fast forward almost 3 years later (wow), and the table and chairs has sat in our backyard in the hot sun, cold snow, a little bit of rain (we're still in a drought) and so on. It was so dirty and getting rusty. I moved it to our front porch so the porch didn't look so plain. We've planned to buy rocking chairs or some sort of furniture for the porch, but haven't gotten around to it. So there the table has been for a while now, blending right into our tannish-brownish bricks. I decided to paint the table red so it would stand out. Hubby bought some paint over the weekend. I was heading out to get started on it yesterday morning, and what do you know...Hubby was already doing it. :) I had intended to take a picture so you could see how it looked against the bricks before it was painted and forgot. So the only "before" pictures I have is from the wedding. 

Here's a before picture, but it was more of the caladiums, but you get the idea how it looked against the brick. 

Hubby had it sitting on the porch this morning when I got home from work. I like it! 

We still have so many plans for the outside, like painting the brick, the trim, hanging black shutters, new screen door (check out that old one) etc. But it all takes time and we're not even finished with the inside. I'm very impatient when it comes to these things. In the meantime, little things like painting this table makes it more bearable. Ha! :)

Here's the house just before we moved in, but had torn all the old shrubs out. 

And here it is today.....It looks better, but I can envision so much more (and I think the pop of red helps)! Hopefully our front door will be red soon, too. :)

I've got more to post, so stay tuned! :) 

Til the next time,

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