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Harrison & Lyla's Nursery

We finally finished up the nursery a couple of weeks ago (took us forever!) and I got some time to take some pictures this morning. I think this is my favorite room in the house right now....probably because it's the ONLY room that's actually finished. I wanted a little bit of a circus theme in the room, but not too much because I'm not big on nursery "themes". I think I accomplished what I wanted without having too much. 
I've shared what the room looked like before we moved in the house. Here it is again.....

 We did a lot to the room....tore up the carpet, sanded the original hardwoods, sheet rocked, textured, painted, etc. It then ended up looking like this when we first began collecting things for the nursery. 

And now....(insert drum roll....)...this is what it looks like today!

As you can see, we (ahem...Randy) painted the beds turquoise and I love them! 

He also painted the stripes on the wall free-hand (he's so good!). Here's a really bad Instagram photo of him painting. 

I'm still looking for a cute, shiny, red trash can and a red throw for the chair. And see the stuff crammed behind the chair? That's piles of newborn/preemie clothes that the twins have outgrown already! sniff, sniff

Edited to update January 2014. Room with a striped trash can and orange throw over the chair. We also didn't have too much luck with that ivory rug, so we now have a red shag rug. I think it really makes a difference!

Remember the "twins" banner in our maternity photos?  This is the same one made over. It took me forever to decide what to phrase to do, and now "Little Loves" has stuck.

I love the two vintage Irmi lamps I found on Etsy. I love them so much I would collect them if I had room... :) This one plays music and the the little lion turns.

This can comes in handy for paper towels...you never know when you have a mess to clean up. And the table is great for setting bottles. And the iPod...well, the twins are spoiled to music every night when they go to sleep.

I got these wooden boxes at Hobby Lobby and repainted the turquoise one. We changed out the knobs on them, too. These boxes are great for holding wipes and diapers and all kinds of good stuff.

One of my favorite things in the room....the chandelier and ceiling medallion. The chandelier is new but we used the same shades from the original light that was in the room when we moved in. 

Who doesn't love Jellycat stuffed animals?!

Edited January 2014 to show new framed print on the wall (and an overflowing toy box). :)

Another favorite in the nursery....these Hummel figurines my Aunt Linda gave me. She's had them for years (they can't be purchased) and when I decided to do a circus theme, she gave them to me. Aren't they the cutest?

That's all the pictures for now....I'm putting a source list here for those who may want to know where to find some of the items in the nursery. 

Cribs - Jenny Lind from Walmart.com
Bed Sheets - Homemade by my best friend, Priscilla. Fabric is from Hancock's.
Crib Skirts - Homemade by Regina Dawson, my sister-in-law's mom.
 Picture frames - Hobby Lobby and painted by me to match the colors in the room.
All art prints in frames were bought from Etsy. 
"Ernest the Rocking Elephant" came from Walmart.com and I added the party hat.
The toy "box" is from Target.
Mirror - way long ago from Pottery Barn
Chandelier - Ballard Designs
Ceiling Medallion - Mariericci.com
Vintage Irmi Lamps - Etsy.com
Vintage cans - Etsy.com
Giraffe on wheels - Jcrew.com
Glider and Ottoman - Storkland (a local boutique)
Window Treatments - Custom from Lowe's
LOVE print - Madebygirl.com

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Til the next time,

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