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What's in a Name?


I guess it all starts the minute a couple finds out they're pregnant....or maybe before...picking out that perfect name! We started out knowing we wanted classic, strong names. Nothing new or "Hollywood". And we certainly steered clear of any "top 20 names of the year" lists!

I knew several years ago I wanted the name Lyla if I ever had a girl. I knew a beautiful, Godly lady named Lila Marie Layne. She was always so kind and had a gentle spirit about her and I always LOVED her name. Cancer took her life way too soon. Thankfully, Randy loved the name, too. I hope the family doesn't mind that I *stole* these pictures from Facebook. This is how I remember her most.

And this is how I remember her before she passed away. Now every time I say my Lyla's name, I remember this beautiful lady.

Lyla's middle name, Jean, is after another beautiful lady. My mother. Norma Jean Dutton is one of the strongest ladies I've ever known. She's not always had it so easy, but she's always kept her head held high and walked with grace. She has always been a good mother and taught me right from wrong. She also taught me to persevere in times when I felt like giving up. I knew I had to name my little girl after her. 

Here she is with all of her girls at our Ladies' Tea earlier this year. I was 4 months pregnant here. :)

And here she is just a couple of nights ago on Halloween, holding her namesake.

As for Mr Harrison Ellis Pounds, his name was not so easy to come by. We made list after list and marked off name after name. We always came back to Harrison, "just because".  His middle name, Ellis, is after another wonderful lady, my mother-in-law, Joyce Elaine Ellis Pounds. I couldn't have asked for better in-law's and she certainly has made me feel so loved and happily welcomed me as one of the family. And she dotes on these babies. And when I say "dotes", you have NO IDEA just how much. They've even spent a couple of nights with her just so new mom and dad could get some much-needed rest!

Here she is with my father-in-law, Jimmy.

And I had to add this one just because it's so cute!

So there you have it! Now you know. 

Til the next time,
kassie lynnette dutton pounds  (and I'm named after my sweet, ornery daddy)  ;-)

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