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Ain't Got No Time....

...How's that for some good 'ole Texas ver.nac.u.lar? :)

In my FEW spare minutes, I've noticed that the blogging world is in full Thanksgiving & Christmas swing. Sigh...I love all the things of the season. I would love to be able to do a lot of crafting. This time of year just really brings the craft bug out in me. I think however, with two new babies who require SO much attention right now, the craft bug is going to have to move on....

I did manage to add some pumpkins and pots of Mums to the porch and the coffee filter wreath I made last year to the front door.

And just for kicks, here's a little snapshot of us with our little Dr Seuss characters on Halloween. Could we look any more worn out? ;)

Til the next time,
wishing for a nap....yaaawwwnnn......

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