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Our Maternity Shoot....The Rest of 'Em

I showed you a sneak peek here of our maternity shoot, taken by my best friend, Priscilla. For those who are reading this that don't know, we had a photography business together until just a few weeks ago (our busy lives have gotten in the way of all that!). Anyway, she took these on my camera and I edited. Now that I'm finished, I thought I'd share my favs with you. We took the first photos in front of one of my favorite antique stores, The Alley Cat (good idea, Pris!). If you read earlier posts, you'll recognize the name as the place we got our nursery furniture. These turned out just the way I wanted (besides the extra chubbiness I've got going on...ha!). I love the quirky vintage-ness (I don't think that's a word, but like I always say....It's my blog...).  ;) 

And for those who want to know...I made the banner in the pics (it will be going in the nursery, but I may make a bigger one with different words). The chalkboard is the one that hangs in our kitchen. You can read about it here

How much is that kitty in the window....la la la.....Did any of you ever sing that little tune...about the doggy in the window?? Anyway, I LOVE this pic. The kitty is perfect. Only there were three hanging out in the window and I wish we could have gotten two for twins...but cute, anyway.

Priscilla just did great. I love this one, too.


Love that sun!

This one makes me smile....He's got nuthin' on me!

Now for something more serene...

AAANNNNDDDD.....Last, but not least, something to tease.....since everyone's been asking what we're naming the little toots. Sorry, had to black the names out. And NO, the photographer cannot tell you. So don't even ask her. Not that any of you care THAT much. :)

til the next time,
The girl who doesn't want to have to sit on the ground again til these babies are born. NOT a pretty thing to witness, I assure you.

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