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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like....

...A nursery! Yay!!

This is how the room looked when we moved into the house. We started peeling wallpaper off the walls and discovered that this room (along with the bathroom) had never been sheet rocked.

And this is how it looks right now. Still quite a few things to do, but we've made a lot of progress! I promise you, the room has not been this uncluttered since I took the picture above. It's been our junk room to collect everything for every project we were working on (and also been hubby's space for extra clothes, thus the reason for the dresser you see in the picture that we've got to find a place for). The armoire you see is also going somewhere else.

We are definitely on the countdown for babies to get here! I'm 30 weeks today. If we are lucky, I'll make 35.  So, Randy has been working hard on getting this room ready in a short amount of time. It's amazing how fast it has crept up on us! 

Things we've Randy has done to the room so far:

1. Taken up carpet and sanded/sealed the wood floor. 
2. Taken down old wallpaper and put up sheet rock.
3. Textured the walls.
4. Painted the walls....twice...ahem. We went for a nice light ivory color and guess what? It looked YELLOW. I love yellow, but didn't want it in this room. If you've read my earlier posts on painting the living room, you'll see why this is ironic/humorous. Anyway, neither of us liked it, so we ended up doing the same color as the living room. 
5. Put up crown molding. 

Like I said earlier, we still have several things to do and I'm hoping it all turns out like I imagined in my mind. I'm just so excited that it finally looks livable. It was pretty bad there for a while! :)

Hopefully, next time I show you this room it will be finished!

Til the next time,

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