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Wide Angle Lens

For about three years now, I've had my eye on a nice wide angle lens (the Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5). But, as life goes, there was always more important things to spend money on than a new lens. Last week, Hubby told me I could go ahead and get one because he has a custom-built bass coming soon. He also got to go on a nice retreat to Colorado with men from our church and I DON'T GET A VACATION THIS YEAR. WAAA! I had too many issues at the beginning of my pregnancy to go anywhere, and now it's just getting too close and I'm too uncomfortable to be going anywhere. And I don't see us toting two babies anywhere anytime soon after they're born. SO, all that said - I got to get a new lens! Isn't Hubby sweet?? I admit I am terribly spoiled. :) But hey, I waited a long time to be spoiled, so I'm not apologizing!

Here's a picture from Christmas that I took using my really nice, everyday lens. That's about all of our dining room that I could get in the picture.

And now, here's a picture with the new wide angle (I seriously need to do some decorating!). I love it! Now I can get entire rooms in pictures.

Hopefully, nursery pictures will be coming soon....yay for the lens and yay for the nursery! That will mean one more room in the house doesn't look like a disaster zone any longer!

Til the next time,
The girl that's gaining weight as she types....

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