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Randy and His Art

Am I allowed to brag on my hubby since this is MY blog?? I think so...

I have to say I think I have the best husband in the world. He's the most thoughtful, caring, generous person I know (and I think he's pretty easy on the eyes). ;) But besides all that gushy-mushy stuff, I don't think there's a thing he can't do. He's completely remodeled our home without much help from me (ahem). I can't even begin to list everything THAT has involved. He's pretty good at bow hunting (we have a bear head that scares me every time I see it). Most people don't know he can build furniture. And if you go to church with him, you know he's taught a few great lessons in the adult class, he plays the bass and he sure can PLAY that guitar! Something else about Randy you may not know is that he can paint. And I'm not talking about the house now. He is an artist...though he doesn't claim to be.

He started waaaayyy back when in high school when he had a pretty awesome teacher named Gary Kingcade. He's still friends with Gary today. A few months ago, Randy asked if I'd like to go to an art show that was honoring his former teacher. We went, and I met Mr. Kingcade (super nice guy), and got to view his art.

Here's Randy with Mr. Kingcade all those years ago....Those clothes are killing me. But I'll guess they were stylin' back then. Ha! Remember y'all, there's 13 years between the hubby and I. ;)

Here he is in his art class...

And here's one of his paintings from several years ago that hangs on his mom's wall.

The art show.

Randy with one of Mr Kingcade's paintings.

Randy with Mr Kingcade.

I've tried and tried to get Randy to paint me something new. It's been years since he painted a picture. He just laughs that nice little laugh that means he's nicely saying a big "NO". Ha!

Thanks for letting me brag for a minute. He's probably not going to like this post when he reads it! But hey, I think he deserves to be bragged on every now and then. After all, he treats me like a Princess. :) 

Til the next time,
The prego girl who's going to go find this guy and see if he'll rub her SWOLLEN feet. ;)

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