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Prego Pics! (20 & 25 Weeks)

I've had several friends who don't see me very often ask me to post some new prego pics....SO, here they are, all professional and all. Forgive the self-portraits and forgive the lighting...it's the only mirror in the house I can get a pic. And the mirror is way old (which I actually love), but it's got some grainy spots on it, thus the grain in the pictures.

I took one at 20 weeks (5 weeks ago!) and never posted it. Here's that one first....

I made the landmark of 25 weeks yesterday, and I took one then (in the same outfit as above) that portrays how I really feel....Please, y'all, remember there's TWO in there!!! Goodness.

Here's a side-by-side....

And here's the last...I took this one today to redeem myself from yesterday's silliness. I really need to document this better!

This week, babies should be 1.5 pounds, their nostrils are beginning to open, and their vocal cords are functioning. Hope they get it in tune in there! I want singers!! ;-) 

As for me, I'm officially miserable. Ha! Trying to sleep is awful. I finally broke down and bought a special maternity body pillow. It has helped, but trying to switch sides when one side is numb is quite interesting in the middle of the night with the big ole thing. Last night, Hubby woke up on one of my "roll overs" and we both got to laughing because I couldn't get situated. And putting my shoes on with buckles is great. My doctor is wanting me to wear lovely support hose to keep the risk of blood clotting down. That's great. I HATE hose. DETEST hose. hmph. And it's 100+ outside. Niiiice. What else can I complain about? Hmm...swollen feet and a numb leg from hip to knee due to the babies resting on my sciatic nerve. Lovely. Horrible acid reflux.... Anyway, I suppose the feeling of the twins kicking and watching the dance moves from the outside that I can see now, makes up for some of this.

And this is to let you know how I feel about clothes with an actual waistline....

Anyway, it really isn't too horrible. In fact, I expect it to get much worse. I just like sharing what's going on. And like everyone says...."It will all be worth it...." :-)  

Til the next time,
The Complainer

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