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Aunt Belle's Vintage Baby Book

About this same time last year, I came across this little book while in Three Dog Books (the same antique store we got our baby furniture from). I just thought it was a cute little book and since we were planning to have a baby in the near future, I bought it.

It's a book of letters written back and forth between and aunt and her niece (Aunt Belle and Mary). The niece asks for advice on raising her baby and how to get prepared for the arrival of baby. Aunt Belle apparently worked with nurses and doctors in the war and had great advice for expectant/new mothers. Some of the stuff written in here is so cute it makes me laugh. I had kind of forgotten about it and pulled it out not too long ago. To my surprise, the niece ended up having boy/girl twins! 

This particular page gives step-by-step instructions on bathing, then dressing the babies properly. Wow. My advice would be, "get a tub and scrub-a-dub-dub"! How hard is that??? Ha!

Aunt Belle says every baby should have a tub bath each morning in a tub made from the best of rubber, and a sponge bath each evening before he/she goes to bed at 6pm. One should wait at least one hour after dinner to sponge bathe. So I suppose they were expected to eat at 5pm? She also recommends anything by the Mennen Company, who happens to be the publisher of the book. My copy is a second addition, copyright 1921.

I am glad I ran across this little book. I love reading how they did "things" way back when. It's amazing how quickly life changes! Maybe I'll post some more from this book before my little ones make their debut.

Til the next time,
One who may wish "Aunt Belle" was moving in for awhile!

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