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A House Update and Nursery Ideas

As I said in my last post, I have some things to show you that we've done around the house in the last couple of months. Here's a few things we've Randy has done:

1. Almost gotten the kitchen completely finished except building around the vent hood and building some shelves for the wall. The kind I want are from Pottery Barn and Randy said he could make them for less than half of what they cost.
2. Gotten the bathroom almost completely finished.
3. More crown molding has gone up.
4. The yard finally has some landscaping! YAY!!
5. The attic has been completely insulated and a jillion electrical outlets have been installed.

Things that we still have to accomplish:
1. Start and finish the nursery. It's a nightmare right now!
2. Start and finish the laundry room.

Things we want to do but won't be doing anytime soon:
1. Put in the staircase.
2. Finish out the attic and make it livable.
3. Build on a master bath and closet.

I'm not going to share pictures of all of this stuff we've finished today because I'm too lazy to take a bunch of pictures and it would make this post way too long. :) I also don't want to show you the kitchen or bathroom until they are complete. And trust me, I'm so excited to show you the kitchen it's killing me. I LOVE my kitchen! So, you're getting one little tiny picture. :) I don't think there's anything Hubby can't do. This is the real brick back splash he installed over the weekend behind the stove in the kitchen. It took me forever to decide what I wanted and I'm really pleased with it.

Now for some more fun stuff! Here's a few ideas I've gotten for the nursery. I could change my mind, but love the idea of using a few antique toys. I'm not much of a "themish" person, so I don't want one particular thing to take over the room.

1. Love the colors and elegance. 
2. Love the beds and the old toys. This is from Restoration Hardware. 
3. Really cute rocking chair...and as these things go, it's way too expensive and comes from Restoration Hardware as well. 
4. Love the old toys and colors. 
5. The style of beds we want. However, we'll have to do without iron...$1200 or more for a baby bed is a little much, especially when you have to buy two! 

Welp, that's it for now...
 Til the next time, 
A very excited mommy-to-be-who-gets-to-find-out-the-gender's-of-her-babies-this-week!

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