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Prego Pics!

Well, it's high-time for an update. The morning-all-day-sickness is gone, the scares I had in my first trimester are long gone and as of today, I'm pretty much half-way through this pregnancy, give or take a few days since twins are full-term at 37 weeks (and most don't go that far). A couple of weeks ago, I took the first picture of myself (Instagram, it is) at 16 weeks. Yesterday, I had the hubby take one of me to document 18 weeks. I even sort of celebrated my first Mother's Day! I wasn't expecting anything, but ended up getting cards and gifts. Contrary to popular belief, I think yesterday counted! :) I already love these little babies like a mother would and I can feel them twirling and swirling and kicking inside. Yep. The first little tiny kick came last week and the hubby even felt it! Wow. What a feeling. 

Here's the oh-so-great quality picture from the iPhone. If you're connected to me on Facebook, you've seen this one.

And here's the one Randy took yesterday. Yeah...I'm pretty much feeling huge and my feet are already swelling. Just lovely. :)

On another topic, I have house updates to show you, so hopefully I'll get to that later this week. 

Til the next time, 

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