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Gender Reveal Super-Mini Photo Session!

Well, I haven't posted the gender reveal here on the blog, so of course I have to do it here as well as Facebook! We were going to try to keep this a secret until the twins arrived, but who were we kidding?! It's just too exciting...and we felt like our family and close friends were missing out on the excitement. Anyway, I just posted one picture on FB and the congrats have been overwhelming! I seriously have the best friends. 

It's great when you're a photographer and your best friend is a photographer and all you have to do is call her up and say you need a few pictures, then you edit them yourself and have them all in about an hour ready to post! :) :) So, here's the results of the mini session we had in our front yard.

For those of you who aren't on Facebook and don't know yet the results of our 19.5 week ultrasound, can I get a drum roll please?!! This is the one we put on FB.

YAY!!! It's a boy AND a girl! We are beyond excited! I was really expecting two of the same sex and this is just amazing. We would have been happy with two boys or girls, but this is just the icing on the cake. God sure knows how to do it good!

Baby "A" as he's referred to, will be the big brother!

Baby "B" will be the little sister. I bought these shoes "by faith" a few weeks ago. Glad I don't have to give them away!

By now, you all know me on this blog well enough to know that I love vintage. And I so love these little outfits. I have always loved these and had my eye on them before I ever got pregnant. I couldn't wait to go buy them! Of course they're not authentically vintage....but aren't they the sweetest?

Randy says we're about to break the bank.... :)

Til the next time,

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