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Thank you and the New Archway


This is going to be a long overdue "house post", but first I'd like to thank everyone for all of the nice, thoughtful and caring comments we've gotten over the past month or so in response to my last few posts about the babies. As I've told you before, I share these blog post links on Facebook and the response I've gotten there and emails has been overwhelming. It's great to have such wonderful friends. Keep us in your prayers....

Now on to the house! I haven't posted a whole lot because I just haven't felt like it. Today has been OK. Just OK. ;) But here we go...If you remember, I posted about the wall we knocked out that separated the hall from the dining room. You can read it HERE if you missed it. Since then, Randy has slowly been working on building an arch in that space in between the times he's been working on other things. I am happy to say that it is now finished!! 

Here's where we first started....This is the living room. To your right you can see into the dining room and the wall you can barely see is what we knocked out. Ha! Of all the pictures I took, can't believe I didn't get one of that wall.

This is after the wall was knocked out and we bought pillars.

And here it is FINISHED!! Almost a year later!! :) I love it. (Please excuse the decorating...or lack of. I haven't done a thing since I got the Christmas stuff put up! GASP.)

Didn't the hubby do a good job??

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