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I wonder if you can bribe babies in the tummy who are no larger than a "raspberry" (as my book says)? I'm thinking of bribing them to cut out the whole making-me-sick-every-single-day-all-day-long thing. It's only week two of the sickness and it's really getting old. (My book says morning sickness is double with twins.) OH YAY! Anyway, I thought if I offered them a cool stoller and a super-fun nursery it might work? Or maybe if I promised really cute "going home from the hospital" outfits? Or, if there's a girl in there, if I promised NOT to put bows the size of Texas on her head? Or, if there's a boy in there, if I promised NOT to put him in cute little jumpsuits with smocking and little socks to his knees....?  Wait, I can't promise that one. Anyway, what do you think? Would it work? I doubt it. I guess I'll just keep on with the Zofran (which is a JOKE, by the way), and the Phenergren (which knocks me out for a day and a half - no exaggerating). Sigh...

Well, here's the latest pics of the little toots. Don't ask me who's who because I can't tell them apart yet. ;) Aren't they precious?? :) 

Til the next time,
A very nauseated mommy-to-be

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