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Through My Lens Thursday #3

Are any of you intrigued by houses? I am. Have been for years. I love to look at houses online and even though we just bought our house 10 months ago, I still look at houses. I think it's classified as a hobby. :) Anyway, probably a year or so ago, I noticed a house being built in Southlake, TX when I would take a shopping trip. I could see it from the highway through the trees, but never really could get a good look. Lately, I've had to take several trips to that area for doctor's appointments, so one day this week, I had Randy take the exit so we could drive by this particular house. It is HUGE. It's pretty, I suppose, but too big for my taste. I would get lost in it, or be afraid of who was living without my knowledge in the other side. Ha!

I looked for some info on this house because I thought I'd seen it recently on the market in a magazine, but I guess not because it didn't have a "for sale" sign.  I would love to see what it looks like on the inside and I'm curious as to who owns it. Do any of you know?? And sorry, I cannot seem to get the picture to enlarge like I normally do. I took this with the iPhone.

On a totally random side note...I was eating my cereal this morning (Grape Nuts Flakes) and for some odd reason, my hand did some kind of spastic movement as it was heading for my mouth and a very large spoonful of milk and flakes dumped into my loopy scarf. Happy times....I think I smell Grape Nuts. :)

Til the next time,


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