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Through My Lens Thursday #2 (On Friday)

Well, this is a day late because I got sick on Wednesday and spent all of yesterday in bed. UGH. I'm not really sure how I feel yet today, either. This post will be short.

I am a mentor at a local elementary school for the second year and wanted to share a few pictures of my little "mentee". She is in 3rd grade. She is a cutie and so fun to work with. She talks a lot! :) I have found that being a mentor is so rewarding. I know I am helping her...it's great to see her face light up when she meets me at her classroom door. But she is helping me, too. There's a world out there that many of us never see, and honestly it's not one that we'd care to see. But through talking and working with a child, sometimes, you get a glimpse of that world. This week, she told me some things that I won't share here, but it makes me thankful for the life I've had thus far, and the parents who brought me up. If you don't already do something like this, you SHOULD!! It will change your life if you let it.

So, moving on from the seriousness, on Wednesday this week (right before I got sick...oh NO! I hope she doesn't get it) I went to spend some time with "Miss D" (I'll protect her privacy). Miss D and I did some coloring and wordsearch puzzles. She asked me this time to see pictures of my sister and brother. Thanks to Facebook on my phone, I pulled some pictures right up. She thinks I look just like my sister and not a thing like my brother! :) Then, she asked me if I'm a grandmother! HAHAAHAHAHAAHAAA!!! I said, "WHAT"?? NO!" So she replied, "so your sister and brother don't have any kids??" hehe I had to explain what nieces and nephews are. However, being a grandmother isn't so unlikely, really, but that's a whole 'nother post! Oh goodness!

Here's a few pics grainy iphone pics...
Me and Miss D. Isn't she a cutie?

Here's Miss D holding the picture she colored.

And here I am with the picture I colored. We were "lady-bugging" it.

That's it for this Through My Lens Thursday. I have another post almost ready and some things to share from the remodel in another post, so check back soon! For now, I'm heading to the couch!

Til the next time,

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