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Through My Lens Thursday #1

Ok, so it seems like every blogger now has a "series" they do weekly. Some of my favorites are "Furniture Feature Friday with Miss Mustard Seed", "Inspiration Friday at the Picket Fence", "Tuesday's Treasures at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia", "Menu Monday at Hometown Girl....and this is just a few. Some are "linky" parties and some aren't. I've decided that I will attempt to do a weekly series called "Through My Lens Thursday". I want to push myself to take more pictures, to capture more everyday beauty and happenings. On my old blog, I used to try to keep up with doing a picture of the week, but it wasn't a set day and I never seemed to keep up. SO, here I am again. We shall see. Welcome to the first ever Through My Lens Thursday! Aren't you thrilled????? ;) The only rules to this is that I have to post on Thursday and the pictures have to be what I have taken very recently or within the week. They can be random, funny, serious, tell a story or whatever. Sounds easy-peasy, huh? So here we go.

I'll start with our recent trip to NYC. This was my fourth trip to the city and by far the most hectic. We were there the week of Christmas. I've been at the beginning of December and it didn't compare to the madness that was there this time. We had a lot of fun and while we loved the hustle and bustle to a point, we were ready when it was time to board the plane home. Just to help you understand how busy it was, the city of Manhattan turned off the water one evening at 11pm and it was off until 6am to conserve. We didn't know it had been turned off, and the hubby got in the shower and the water ran out in the middle of it and he had to rinse with refrigerated water from the wet bar in our room! Poor babe. Anyway, we snapped a couple of pictures of Macy's. The store is 9 floors and you'll see how crowded it was (and it was this way on every floor). I'll just say that I did NO shopping in the store because I could only take the shoulder bumping and squeezing between people and police herding customers like cattle on and off the escalators for so long! I certainly wasn't "fa-la-la-ing" my way through the crowd. I will admit though, NYC at Christmas holds all the excitement of the season you could ever dream of. It's like a big wonderland. I'll definitely be ready to go again...

Well, that's it. Are you ready to book your trip for next year? :)
Til the next time,

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